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It's hockey time in Sioux City!

We start the season off Against the Omaha Lancers 9/24. This has always been a NASTY Rivalry. Anyways, our team is very young, but they just went 2-0-1 in the Buc Bowl, a preseason tourney.

Last year we played our first full season in our new arena. It is incredible, but also sucks for two reasons.

The rise in the seating is very gradual, so I do not feel "ontop" of the game as we did in the old audi. In the old audi, it was very enclosed and the rise was very steep, so you could sit in the top row, but still feel like you could touch the ice, and basically look straight down. Also the old Audi, had the smallest ice surface in the USHL. 20 feet shorter than NHL size ice. and 10 narrower. so behind the net you could fit two people at most. Those finesse teams that came here had the roughest time playing their "speed" game. We built our teams tough, and they were hard hitting games. Love that style of play. Rough, tough, knock em on their ass. But now our ice is normal NHL size and our team is geared more for that finesse style which is great to watch, love the beauty of a play created on the moment, turning it into a eye popping goal.

anyways, can't wait until the season starts.

here is our official site, official site, and a great unofficial site. The unofficial site has a huge message board, and many excellent pics, including our new arena, and also when Ruslan Fedotenko (former Sioux City Musketeer) brought the Stanley Cup to Sioux City! Ruslan still lives in the area in the off season (and last year during the lock out) so I caught up with him many times at youth hockey functions. Real down to earth guy.
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