~*Princess Leah*~ (leoceanic7) wrote in minorleaguers,
~*Princess Leah*~

Newbie & Claims

Hey eveyone! I'm new here... I'm Leah but you can call me Princess Leah. I'm normally into the L.A. Kings & Pittsburgh Penguins, but I'm also into some minor hockey teams as well as junior teams, particularly the QMJHL.

My favorite teams are Long Beach Ice Dogs (ECHL), Reading Royals (ECHL), Manchester Monarchs (AHL), Omaha ASB Knights (AHL), Moncton Wildcats (QMJHL), Drummondville Voltigeurs (QMJHL) & Rimouski L'Oceanic (QMJHL).

As for claims, if it's not taken already, I'd love to claim the Long Beach Ice Dogs. If indeed the Ice Dogs are taken, then I'd love to claim Manchester Monarchs. Anyways, thanx a lot and cya around. Take care. :D
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