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Mods, I hope this is ok, please let me know if its not.

I'm doing a research paper on hazing in sports, focusing on junior hockey (ironically enough the Windsor Spitfire (OHL) case happened just weeks later).

If anyone could answer this survey, that would be greatly appreciated. You can either reply to this post, or if you want to answer it anonymously (and can't do it on this forum), go HERE.

This survey can be done by anyone. Players, coaches, trainers, fans, employees, parents, etc. If possible, state what you are in number 1. I understand there could be some embarrassing stories or some things people may not want to reveal. That is why I am putting it on THIS forum. It allows you to post with a name or anonymously.

The purpose for this survey is for a college research paper on hazing, focusing on but not limited to junior hockey. It will not be published anywhere or shown to anyone but the professor. It's 10 questions and shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

1. What is your sports background? (playing, working, etc)
2. In your words, what is hazing?
3. Why do you think hazing happens?
4. Hazing is often defended as helping teams bond, do you agree with that? Can you think of any other ways that a team can bond?
5. Have you been hazed in the past? (for sports, school, or other)
6. What is the worst hazing you have had to do? (yourself and/or to others)
7. What is the worst hazing you have heard of?
8. Are you familiar with the Windsor Spitfires saga this season? What is your opinion on the suspension that was laid down?
9. Do you know what your team or leagues policy is on hazing? If so, what is it?
10. Any additional comments on hazing?

Thank you very much to anyone who responds.

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