luvthegoalie34 (luvthegoalie34) wrote in minorleaguers,


I was wondering if I can make 2 claims, one being the Long Beach Ice Dogs of the ECHL and the other being the Elmira Jackals of the UHL.
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olivier michaud ♥ ♥
sean mcaslan ♥ ♥
christian larrivee ♥ ♥

awwww.... at one point they all used to play for my team!
Olivier Michaud and Christian Larrivee.. such nice guys!
they are very nice guys!
I see that Christian made the ECHL All-Stars roster. Thats cool, he's been playing pretty well with LB so far from what I have heard.

One of my favorite players use to play for Elmira this season but he got traded here recently. I still cheer for Elmira ( only when they arent playing against my team in the UHL ) because they have a pretty great organization out there